Clinical Case Conferences and Specialty Lectures

The monthly conference schedules are maintained and distributed by the Fellowship Office, posted and sent electronically to all fellows and faculty. Attendance is tracked via sign-in sheets.

Advanced Hemodynamics/Angiography ReviewMonthly
Basic Science SeriesMonthly
Congenital Heart Disease4 Lectures per Year
Cardiac Pathology - Hearts with HenryQuarterly
Cardiology Grand RoundsBiweekly
Cardiology Case Conference YNHHBiweekly
Multidisciplinary Cardiac Conference - VACTTwice per Week
Clinical Epidemiology SeriesMonthly
ECG Conference(weekly, July-January)
Electrophysiology ConferenceWeekly (January-July)
Echocardiography Cardiac Imaging ConferenceWeekly
Clinical ReasoningMonthly
Journal ClubMonthly
Interventional Cardiology ConferenceWeekly
Morbidity and MortalityQuarterly
Variable Topics ConferencesDaily (Beginning 7:30am or Noon)
Nuclear Cardiology ConferenceWeekly
Cardiac Imaging ConferenceWeekly
Humanities in Cardiology ConferenceMonthly
Board ReviewMonthly